is the first non-profit committed to distribution and facilitation of independent film.

education and advocacy.

We offer a full range of affordable distribution, educational and marketing advice and advocacy to independent filmmakers looking to reach out to traditionally underserved audiences.

no rights taken.

THE FILM COLLABORATIVE achieves these goals without ever needing to own or exploit a filmmaker’s intellectual property rights, opening up a new landscape of distribution opportunities free of extraneous middlemen and unfair contract terms, and drawing heavily upon the promise of new media/digital distribution and the power of viral and social networking.

In today’s marketplace, the traditional avenues of distribution for independent and art house distribution have dramatically contracted, leaving thousands of filmmakers without a way to bring their films to market.

As a result, there is a dire need for a service-oriented agency to step in to educate and empower filmmakers to reach out to audiences directly, to network with each other and trade vital experiences and marketing assets, and to master the tools of emerging DIY and new media opportunities.

for all filmmakers.

By providing advice, advocacy and assistance for all aspects of film distribution, THE FILM COLLABORATIVE re-establishes a crumbling link between independent filmmakers and underserved audiences.

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Selling Your Film Outside the U.S., the second volume in our “Selling Your Film” case study book series, is now available for FREE in multiple digital formats! While our first book, Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul, focused on U.S releases and case studies, Selling Your Film Outside the U.S. takes a deep dive into digital distribution (and distribution generally) in Europe and provides several case studies of films released there. Please visit the Selling Your Film Store to get your copy.

TFC is helping to raise $1000 for The Amicus Project, which supports important causes and positions by getting appellate briefs submitted to the high courts. TFC Founder Orly Ravid has just written two. Find out what they were and donate what you can to the cause.

TFC is proud to announce its new Fiscal Sponsorship Program, available to all filmmakers who have joined our team of filmmakers. Fiscal Sponsorship provides filmmakers with non-profit 501(c)(3) status for their project and enables them to secure funding from foundation, government or corporate sources, or private sources that give only to nonprofit organizations with IRS tax-exempt status.

  • 12 international filmmakers/producers with feature documentary projects have been invited to pitch in front of a select group of panelists (which includes one of TFC’s own) at The Edinburgh Pitch, a pitching forum in Scotland on Tuesday June 16, 2015.
  • TFC will be at HotDocs on April 26th.
  • TFC was at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.


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introducing distripedia

We’ve set up a number of external sites to help filmmakers navigate through the minefield that is film distribution and digital distribution.

  • The newest addition to distripedia, ResourcePlace™ provides a one-stop-shop for a plethora of resources geared especially for filmmakers, such as post-production, social marketing, online distribution, and more.
  • Our Digital Distribution Guide provides an overview and insight into the myriad of digital platforms out there. You'll need to join TFC to access this guide.
  • The TFC Blog, written by the TFC staff, focuses on what's new in the world of digital distribution and other topic of interest to filmmakers.

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