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We hope this monthly e-missive finds you well! We’re back from Toronto and hitting the ground running!

For those of you who are (also) just coming out of your Toronto fog, don’t miss the blog post on DIY Digital Distribution by our Director of Digital Distribution Initatives, David Averbach.


LANDFILL HARMONIC is expanding its Theatrical to Los Angeles and other cities. TFC is handling LANDFILL for Festival and Theatrical Distribution. Check out our eblast.


TFC will be @ IFP Week in Brooklyn, September 17-22.


OFF THE RAILS, which TFC is helping release theatrically for a November Oscar®-qualifying run, has also fortuitously appeared on a speculative short list for Best Documentary Feature!


TFC is pleased to announce that we, in conjunction with Michelle Mower of Imagination Worldwide, have a new book! Written by Roberta Marie Monroe, author of How Not To Make A Short Film, with contributions by our own Orly Ravid, How Not To Sign A Film Contract: Know What You’re Saying Yes To is now available in electronic formats on iBooks and Kindle. A paperback version will also be available on Amazon in the next few days.