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Dear Collaborators,

August is almost here, but not before we share some exciting news with you.

There’s a lot here, so be sure not to miss anything!

And don’t forget about our latest blog post, the second part in a series on European Distribution tools, on OnlineFilm, multilingual marketplace for films and an application service provider for digital distribution and marketing services.

In this issue:

TFC wants to alert its newsletter readership to two films produced by Ted Hope, one of TFC’s advisory board members and a strong supporter of TFC in general.


DARK HORSE now in theaters

Thirty-something guy with arrested development falls for thirty-something girl with arrested development, but moving out of his junior high school bedroom proves too much. Tragedy ensues.

Writer and director Todd Solondz (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness, Life During Wartime) examines the irretrievability of youth and the mercilessness of time passing in DARK HORSE, a melancholy and idiosyncratic comedy starring Justin Bartha (The Hangover), Selma Blair (Hellboy), Mia Farrow (Rosemary’s Baby), Jordan Gelber (“Boardwalk Empire”), Donna Murphy (Spider-Man 2), Academy Award® winner Christopher Walken (The Deer Hunter), Zachary Booth (The Blue Eyes) and Aasif Mandvi (“The Daily Show”).

Click here to watch the trailer, learn more about the film, located a theater near you or tell your friends about DARK HORSE.

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Robert Longfellow (Martin Donovan, The Opposite of Sex, “Boss”, “Weeds”) is a famous playwright who can’t seem to catch a break. His recent Broadway play was met with horrible reviews and an early cancellation, and his marriage is being tested as an old flame (Olivia Williams, The Ghost Writer, Rushmore) has reentered his life during a particular moment of weakness. Retreating back to his childhood home to visit his mother (Katherine Helmond, Brazil), Robert crosses paths with his childhood neighbor, Gus (David Morse, The Green Mile, Dancer in the Dark, “Treme”). A right-wing, ex-con who still lives at home with his mother, Gus is Robert's polar opposite in every possible way. When Gus holds Robert hostage at gunpoint during a drunken reunion gone terribly wrong, the drama unfolds as social status, celebrity and the imminent threat of violence converge, building up to a climax that will leave both men forever changed.

With an acclaimed acting career spanning over 20 years, including starring roles in a number of iconic Hal Hartley films beginning with Trust in 1990, COLLABORATOR marks Martin Donovan’s first time behind the camera as a writer and director, and he makes the most of it in this riveting and insightful debut.

And we like it because it shares our name!

For more information, visit the film’s website or facebook. It’s available for rental on Amazon and iTunes.

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MOSQUITA Y MARI theatrical starts this Friday, Aug. 3 in NYC


Fresh off the heels of its two jury awards last week at Outfest (Best First Feature and Best Actress, Fenessa Pineda), Sundance 2012 Official Selection MOSQUITA Y MARI screens at Newfest tonight at the Walter Reade Theatre in Lincoln Center and then begins its theatrical enagement at Cinema Village on Friday.

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TFC is handling sales and festival distribution for MOSQUITA Y MARI.

TFC channel on Watch It


Perhaps you noticed the “Watch It” links in the above sections, but did not know what they were…


Or perhaps you recognize the “Watch It” icon to the left. If you don’t, it’ll be like learning a new word: you’ll start seeing it everywhere (and not just in this blast).

That’s why TFC is proud to announce a new partnership with Watch It (, a new free service that allows users to search and queue movies. Users can discover where a movie is currently playing, whether in theaters, on DVD/Blu-ray, online or On Demand. They can also save the film to a universal queue to receive alerts when it becomes available on their preferred services.


screenshot from the sidebar
of the New York Times review of
“Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

If you hover over any film on the TFC Channel on the Watch It site, a popup window (similar to the one above depicting the TFC film “Undertow”) will appear that previews the ways in which you how you can watch that film. Simply press the “Watch It” button and you will be transported to the film’s detail page, where you can find out more about the film and select a way to watch the film, whether it be to buy a ticket on Fandango, place the film in your Netflix queue, purchase the DVD from Amazon, or rent the film from places like iTunes, Vudu or YouTube. All of TFC’s roster of clients, past and present, are included in our channel.

In addition to being a stand-alone web app, Watch It is also a widget for third-party websites, and has gained attraction from major names in the film industry. Roger Ebert, Sundance, Tribeca Film, Indiewire, TheWrap, Variety, Summit Entertainment, and the newest addition, The New York Times (see the blue “Watch This Movie” button to the left), have all installed the Watch It widget on their websites, alongside their film content.

In the next few months, TFC will be offering select filmmakers a way to include that widget on their own film websites and keep Watch It up-to-date on their film’s availability. It’s a simple and effective way for filmmakers to connect with their audiences and keep them informed as their film moves from the film festival circuit to theatrical engagements to the digital distribution.



VITO premiered on HBO last week, but you can still catch it in HBO replays, On Demand, or on HBO Go.

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TFC is handing festival distribution and international sales for VITO.

Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
One-week theatrical beginning Aug. 17 at
Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles


Click here for more information.

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TFC is handing festival distribution and international sales for CODEPENDENT LESBIAN SPACE ALIEN SEEKS SAME.



We’re happy to announce that Scott Leberecht’s daring vampire film, MIDNIGHT SON was just released on DVD and Digital. DVDs are available in Walmart stores nationwide, and from various online retailers. On the digital side, the film can be found on iTunes, Vudu, CinemaNow, Amazon Instant Video, Playstation Store, Xbox Marketplace, and YouTube. (Also available from various retailers in Canada.) Visit the Midnight Son website for more info.

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TFC advised on distribution for MIDNIGHT SON.

The Invisible War theatrical expands even wider throughout August


THE INVISIBLE WAR is coming to theaters in San Diego, Florida, Virginia, New Mexico, Washington State, Canada and various midwestern states. Click here for a complete list of theaters and release dates.

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TFC is handing handling North American sales, festival distribution and distribution consultation for THE INVISIBLE WAR.