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Dear Collaborators:

TFC is heading to Cannes along with sales partner Recreation.

To find us please go to: Lerins #R18 | Palais des Festivals.

TFC will be speaking at the Cannes Producers Network on May 18th; at the Binger FilmLab Masterclass on Digital Distribution Friday May 18th, 11:00 - 12:15, Doha Film Institute, Village International Pavilion 112; and at the conference about distribution on May 20th from 4pm to 5pm at the Short Film Corner.

Check out our latest blog post on the State of Digital in Europe. You can stay abreast of all of our blog posts, which have recently included such topics as deal making, digital distribution, and social network marketing, by adding it to your “Networked Blogs” so that you will be notified when new ones come out. We also have some fresh new blogs in the works that will post after Cannes, so stay tuned!

TFC Director of Digital Marketing Strategy Sheri Candler will be speaking on a panel entitled Marketing the Director on May 15 for the DGA Eastern Directors Council in New York. DGA members are welcome to attend, but RSVP must be received.

Reminder: Tickets are still on sale for our first live workshop on May 26. Topics to be covered include identifying, finding and communicating with your audience, partnering with grassroots organizations and making the best distribution choices for your filmmaking goals. The workshop is structured to only take up half of your Saturday and is extremely affordable for both TFC members and non members. For more information and tickets, please visit Eventbrite.

News you may have missed…

This month's articles speak to the idea of self promotion through helping OTHER people:
  • a Scriptwriter Magazine article on the benefits of paying it forward in order to forward your writing career
  • an LA Magazine piece on the success of director Nirvan Mullick's short film Caine's Arcade and benefits he received by paying it forward.