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Dear Collaborators and Friends,

We've just posted a new blog about MARKETING called If a Tree Falls in the Forest…. Check it out!

Further to the marketing topic, we've updated our Marketing Services Menu.

TFC is proud to announce our direct digital distribution now in Europe and parts of Asia and of course in North America as usual. We do some directly and some via partners though never taking an extra commission. Information is on our website. TFC is happy to add to our other digital disribution offerings with a flat-free service for iTunes, Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu Plus and YouTube Rentals! Go to thefilmcollaborative.org/digital to learn more. And don't forget ResourcePlace if you are looking for any DIY/Hybrid services or info.

Other news:
  • We're proud to having added Kirby Dick's The Invisible War to our Sundance slate.
  • Congrats to TFC's legal counsel Cherie Song and social network marketing consultant and co-author/pal Sheri Candler for making it into the indieWIRE Toolkit.
  • TFC is especially proud to continue to be advising and contributing to the Sundance Artist Services initiative which is expanding and developing boldly.

TFC will be attending Sundance, Rotterdam, and Berlinale.

Sundance Film Festival BOOK SIGNING EVENT!

Authors Orly Ravid, Jeffrey Winter, and Jon Reiss will be in attendance, signing copies of the book! Sunday, January 22, 4-6:00pm at Dolly’s Bookstore (Park City’s “exclusive” distributor of SYFWSYS), 510 Main Street, Park City, UT 84060, Phone: 435-649-8062.

beverages will be provided

TFC Titles on Digital Platforms Update
The Wayman Tisdale Store on iTunes and through the end of March on Cable VOD in the US and Canada.

All best,

The Film Collaborative