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Dear Collaborators,

Just a quick e-missive to update you on some of our clients' Film Independent Spirit Award nominations, Gayby's Digital and DVD release, some new and upcoming blog posts, a new TFC Fiscal Sponsorship Project, and, as always, news you may have missed.

Also, we'll be including more legal-related opportunities for filmmakers, as we launched TFC Legal back in September…see below for an opprotunity to win free Business & Legal Affairs Services for your film!

2013 Film Independent Spirit Award Nominations

TFC congratulates our clients and members on their 2013 Film Independent Spirit Award nominations! Go here for a complete list of categories and nominees.

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New Blog Posts

Don't forget to check out some of our new blog posts on such topics as Why does it take so long from Premiere to Release?, The State of International Sales for Independent Films and One Key Point on Film Sales.

And if you haven't done so already, you really should read the entire series of blog posts by our Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, Sheri Candler, on Transmedia: October 4October 16October 25November 7

And beginnging this week, look out for a series of blog posts by our Creative Director, David Averbach, on Rethinking your Key Art Game Plan while on your next photo shoot.

Fiscal Sponsorship

The Film Collaborative's fiscal sponsorship program accepts applications on a rolling basis. Once a filmmaker has joined The Film Collaborative at the Contributor level or higher they can apply for fiscal sponsorship with an eligible project. For more information on project guidelines and the application process visit

Check out our most recent fiscally sponsored project, LOVE LAND.


GAYBY on Digital and DVD

The hilarious GAYBY is arriving just in time for the holidays! Digital release is this Tuesday, Dec. 4, follwed by the DVD release one week later. To learn more about this 2013 Film Independent Spirit Award nominee, visit the film's website.

News You May Have Missed

This month’s stories you may have missed include a recording from one of uber indie producer Christine Vachon's masterclasses, which online players will reap the greatest marketshare of the global online-video market, and an article on how to use Pinterest as a film production tool.

  • Uber indie producer Christine Vachon gives masterclasses at film events around the country and the world. If you haven't been able to attend one, here is a recording from last summer's Southampton Arts Summer Conference.
  • The global online-video market will be worth a whopping US$37 billion in 2017, according to the latest forecasts fromĀ Informa Telecoms & Media. Read about which online players will reap the greatest marketshare.
  • As Pinterest continues to gain prominence as a social media tool to be reckoned with, here is an article on how to use it as a film production tool. If you are already using Pinterest for your film, or for your personal brand, post your links on our Facebook page. We love using your examples in our industry presentations!

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